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......@@ -152,8 +152,8 @@ Here I sum up all the conclusion I can get from my experiments :
After sending this project, I received some very interesting advices from the professors.
Here are few complementary comments :
| Professors comments | Additionnal information |
| ------ | ------ |
| "As this exercise is not about programming, I simply used Google Sheet to generate graphs." Argh. Come on! :) [Céline: +1. The fact that you are not programming the experimental software does not mean that you should not script your analysis] Btw, you should apply the checklist for good graphics to's%20Law/result_test_4.png which one is which ? [Céline: +1 and R would make this easy because a default graph is better ;)] | I didn't coded a real script because I am lacking time recently. I hope I'll be able to have more time for the next exercise. I prefered to focus on the real challenge of this exercise, the analysis of the data and the understanding of the Fitt's Law. Moreover, the study of the (ggplot flipbook)[] really motivates me to practice R when I'll have the occasion. About the color of the lines on my graphs, I is not written on the graph itself (and I agree it's a pity) but the information was written just above the graph ;) |
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