Commit a8930b1d authored by George Cushen's avatar George Cushen
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theme: upgrade to master

parent 440f4226
......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ collections:
multiple: false
- {label: Caption, name: caption, widget: string, required: false}
- {label: Description for screen readers, name: alt_text, widget: string, required: false}
- {label: "Where's the focal point in the image? Smart, Center, TopLeft, Top, TopRight, Left, Right, BottomLeft, Bottom, BottomRight.", name: focal_point, widget: string, required: false, default: "Smart"}
- {label: Thumbnail Only?, name: preview_only, widget: boolean, required: false, default: false}
- {label: "Body", name: "body", widget: "markdown"}
Subproject commit 21e7bc8d3dbdce283f855046e8a8fc042a76db01
Subproject commit eceb8b63125bf8fc4b3d99f32bce6bfe275be51d
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