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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
typedef struct {
int dep, end;
double cout;
} arc_t;
typedef struct maill_arc{
arc_t val;
struct maill_arc * next;
} *list_t;
typedef struct {
int num;
char* name;
char* ligne;
double a,b;
list_t arcs;
double pcc;
int fath;
} vertex_t;
typedef struct {
int size_vertex;
int size_arc;
vertex_t* data;
} graphe_t;
list_t list_add_first(list_t l,arc_t arc);
graphe_t lec_graph(FILE* f);
void aff_graph(graph_t g);
void aff_arc(arc_t arc);
void aff_sommet(vertex_t sommet);
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